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The Panamera is simply the culmination of the sports sedan at Porsche.

Rear view of the Porsche Panamera Sedan, now available for sale at Porsche Lauzon in Laval, in the Greater Montreal area.Even if it is the first sedan from the Zuffenhausen Car Manufacturer, the Porsche Panamera was not the first one engineered. Porsche Lauzon, located in Laval, in the Greater Montreal area, gives you all the details that led to the Panamera!

The result of a long reflection about the idea of a Porsche sedan.

The idea of a Porsche 4-door vehicle dates back to 1967. Indeed, a Porsche customer wanted to offer his wife a 4-door 911, which resulted in the creation of the Porsche 911 S Troutman-Barnes from the eponymous Californian coachbuilder. This one-of-a-kind vehicle drew attention from Porsche. However, the Manufacturer from Stuttgart decided not to proceed with this project. But the idea gained ground and became reality when the 1986 928 S4 study, which also featured suicide doors, was developped in collaboration with AMG. But the Panamera’s spiritual ancestor is undoubtedly the Porsche 989, which was engineered and tested between 1988 and 1991. Although never commercialized, this prototype had all the distinctive lines of any Panamera you see in Laval and Montreal nowadays. With its low roof line and its four doors, it was one of the very first four-door coupes, long before the Mercedes CLS and BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé!

From the start, one of the benchmarks on the Montreal and Laval markets.

Unveiled at the 2009 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, the Panamera quickly became the one to beat in the luxury sedan category. Its sporty lines make it clear that it belongs to the Porsche clan, with its streamlined head and tail lights, and its «fastback» design. Thanks to this silhouette, the Panamera has been exuding amazing prestige and charisma in the Greater Montreal area since its inception. This sense of elegance and performance is also reflected by the name « Panamera » itself, which refers to the legendary and very exhausting Carrera Panamericana race. Last but not least, the first Porsche sports sedan has been offering incredibly powerful engines from the start, to defend and honor its bloodline.

Porsche Lauzon, your premier dealership located in Laval, in the Greater Montreal area, is proud to introduce the Porsche 911 Troutman-Barnes, the Porsche 928 H50, and the Porsche Mission E.

A vehicle representing many firsts for Porsche

As the first sedan from Porsche, the Panamera has been successfully combining incredible performance with the ability to welcome four passengers and their luggage for comfortable journeys. That in itself is an incredible feat, as sport and comfort are usually exact opposites in the automotive industry. Nonetheless, the Panamera took up this contradictory challenge on the Laval roads, in the Greater Montreal area, and succeeded. The Panamera product line, now into its second generation, consists of the sedan version and the all-new Sport Turismo wagon. It also paved the way for the upcoming and all-electric Mission-E sedan with its hybrid variants.

So come visit us to discover more about the incredible and cutting-edge Panamera at Porsche Lauzon in Laval, in the Greater Montreal area, and share its avant-gardism with us!

Date Posted: February 22, 2018