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The Porsche Lauzon Team

Michel Lauzon

Michel Lauzon | Dealer Principal

In 1977, Michel Lauzon discovered his passion for automobiles. The familly business is a challenge , providing unique learning . Michel will sell cars , look after the sale of parts and manage the franchise. In 1990 , a dream was fulfilled with getting the Porsche franchise. Over the years, Michel has been evolving within the company at the rate of the explosive growth of it, building for future customers and for the succession that will take over.

Phone: 450.688.1144

André  Ouellette

André Ouellette | General Manager

Being in the automotive field since 1994, André gained experience by occupying the advisory service stations, operations manager and sales consultant positions. He has been working with the Porsche Lauzon team since February 2011 as a Porsche specialist and exactly one year later , he became Director of Used Vehicle Sales.

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Mathieu Lajoie

Mathieu Lajoie | New Vehicles - Sales Manager

Mathieu has more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. He joined Porsche Lauzon’s team in March 2013. His knowledge and passion for the Porsche brand make him a serious asset for our team. You can spot Mathieu behind the wheel of his Boxster Spyder all summer long at a race track near you. Talk to him about classic Porsche models and our European delivery program. He will eagerly share his numerous memorable experiences with the brand and will deliver all of his knowledge to you!

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Jean-Philippe Garcia

Jean-Philippe Garcia | Pre-owned - Sales Manager

Jean-Phillippe probably made his first footsteps in life in a car dealership. Following at a very young age the same path in the automotive industry as his father did, he got the opportunity to work in every department of a dealership. Once he returned from the Canadian Automotive Institute located in Barrie, Ontario, from which he graduated in 2005, he focused mainly his career in automotive sales. He considers working for the most prestigious car manufacturer worldwide to be a privilege, and he dedicates himself to offering tremendous customer service and product quality that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Pierre-Charles Tremblay

Pierre-Charles Tremblay | Sales Executive

At the dawn of his 20th year at Porsche Lauzon, as he looked at the new 718, he realized that the first Porsche he fell in love with was the original 718, in 1959. His career at Lauzon is the pinnacle of a love affair with Porsche cars that goes back almost sixty years. Pierre-Charles has had a well rounded career as sales executive, sales manager, Canadian member of PCNA’s Training Task Force, Canadian member of the Carrera 20 performance group, a committee of twenty sales managers across North America, and, finally, Porsche Certified Global Brand Ambassador. It is this experience, along with his role as driving instructor at Circuit Mont-Tremblant, that has helped him to guide each and every of its customers through the process of choosing his Porsche.

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KhemRy Kuoy

KhemRy Kuoy | Sales Executive

In the Automotive industry that is considered to be a men’s world, KhemRy has always been at ease with these grown-up toys powered by powerful engines. Being a business woman, an entrepreneur and an industrial engineer with 17 years of experience, she challenges all the «boys-club» stereotypes. Khemry is a proud ambassador of Porsche and will know how to help you beyond your expectations rigorously with a lot of enthusiasm. 

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Réjean Mombleau

Réjean Mombleau | Sales Executive

Réjean is a fervent admirer of Porsche. He has built a career in the automotive industry since 1991. He debuted with the Lauzon Group in 1992 as a sales consultant for Volkswagen and Audi. In 1995 he joined the Porsche team. Réjean is making a point of provinding quality service to its customers and maintaining an excellent relationship with them.

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Jean-Yves Blanc

Jean-Yves Blanc | Sales Executive

Jean-Yves Blanc has been working in the automotive field since 1984, and has been a member of the group since 1995. He started with the Volkswagen and Audi team in 1995, and joined later the Porsche team in 1997. Thanks to his patience and professionalism, his customers have shown loyalty to him throughout the years.

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Kurtis Cournoyer

Kurtis Cournoyer | Sales Executive

In 2010, Kurtis has graduated from the Automotive School of Business and soon fulfilled his childhood dream of working for the most exciting and fascinating automobile company in the world: Porsche. His first experience started with Porsche Canada in 2009 as an intern in marketing, which led him to understand the brand and the product deeper. Getting involved in various events also gave him the experience behind the wheel and the opportunity to assess the actual performance of these vehicles. Kurtis is proud to have joined the Lauzon Group in March 2012.

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François de Lorimier

François de Lorimier | Sales Executive

His passion for cars led Francois to car dealers from a very young age. He began working in a small pre-owned cars dealership as soon as he got his driving license, at 16. His first position in sales was for Acura in 2011 and held it for almost a year prior to its commencement at Audi Lauzon. German engineering has always attracted him, and he loved his nearly three years spent working for Audi. Then, his passion for sports cars led him to Porsche. Representing Porsche is a way for François to share his deep passion with his clients, particularly during the Porsche Club events when he can drive the Porsche vehicles to their fullest! 

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Benoit Mathys

Benoit Mathys | Sales Executive

His overwhelming passion for sports cars and love of racing have led Benoît to spend his whole career in the automotive industry. He started in the parts department and transitioned to selling performance modifications for street tuners and race cars, and then moved onto selling exotic cars including Ferraris and Maseratis. However, his deep passion for car racing has brought him to Porsche Lauzon in Laval, which represents what he is striving for: a family owned business built by passionate car lovers for car lovers. His extensive experience and passion for cars have been responsible for most of his sales and business relationships and he embraces every aspects of Ferry’s Porsche philosophy ("A Porsche has to represent an attainable dream"):  great tradition, innovation, design, functionality, performance, everyday usability, exclusiveness and social acceptance.

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Ricardo Cavallieri

Ricardo Cavallieri | Sales Executive

While being behind a steering wheel is a second nature to him, and besides his extensive automotive knowledge, what he prefers most is creating a relationship with his hosts for an experience that will go beyond the transaction itself. Ricardo ultimate goal is to create a long standing relationship with his clients. 

With almost 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, he will find the car perfectly tailored to your needs! 

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Taz Ansari

Taz Ansari | Sales Executive

Taz has been in the luxury automotive sales industry for over 7 years now, having joined the Porsche Lauzon family in April 2016. It took only his first test drive of a 911 to understand what the craze is all about, and fall in love with the ever so exciting and thrilling product that is Porsche. He loves meeting new people and making new friends whilst always ensuring a high level of professional service during the acquirement process of a new Porsche. He enjoys coming in to the dealership every day because he looks forward to learning something new. But perhaps what is most fulfilling is the idea of helping make someone’s dream come true. 

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Simon Parenteau

Simon Parenteau | Porsche Specialist

Simon has been a car enthusiast as long as he can remember. He had a scale model of a 1987 Porsche Carrera he was dreaming of when he was 7 years old, that was identical to a real one he saw in the streets of his neighborhood. All his life projects have always revolved around this iconic German model. Working for Porsche was a dream that has come true since 2014 when this young father joined the Lauzon Group. His experience in the automotive sales is height years strong now. Commitment, perseverance, enthusiasm and listening and helping his clients to fulfill their projects are different aspects that he literally love to achieve on an everyday basis. Simon puts a special emphasis on professionalism, respect and listening to the client needs. He is very passionate and committed about his work at Porsche Lauzon and is very proud to work for one of the most remarkable car manufacturers in the automotive history. 

- I drive Porsche Passion - 

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Marc Hajjar

Marc Hajjar | Sales Coordinator

Cars have been a passion for Marc ever since he was a young child. It all started when his father bought him his first 1/18 model car at the age of 6. As he grew older his love for German cars grew more and more and he started to understand the quality and dedication behind every manufacturer. That’s where Porsche came in and took his breath away. He started working for the Lauzon Group almost a year ago, and he has proven his admiration for the brand with his hardworking spirit. In his own words: « I am truly honoured to be part of the Lauzon Group and the Porsche family. I am excited to see what the future holds. As Ferry Porsche once said: ‘Finding an aim in life is the essence of the human spirit’».

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Isabelle Talbot

Isabelle Talbot | Financing and Insurance Specialist

Isabelle was a teacher before changing careers for one in the automotive industry to experience on a daily basis the joy of purchasing a new vehicle. She has been taught from a very young age how to appreciate the unique characteristics of luxury cars. Her German origins are undoubtedly no stranger to her love for the performance, engineering and bold styling found on German cars.

She considers it a privilege to be close every day to the elegance and refinement expressed by each and every Porsche vehicle.

 Glücklich zum Porscheteam zu gehören.

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Charles Rivard

Charles Rivard | Service Manager

Charles’ passion for the car industry revealed itself from a very young age, and he decided that he would work in the automotive industry very early too, around 12 years old. He had his first experience with one of the brands represented by the Lauzon Group, Volkswagen, by getting involved with a friend that was racing at the time. Later, he helped Ferrari technicians to work on an electrical problem on a car of the Ferrari Challenge championship. One month later, he received a call from Ferrari to work as a full-time technician. This was the start to a great career in repairing and servicing exotic cars, and later managing a technicians team in the same field, as he does now at Porsche Lauzon. With his 27 years of experience, be sure to receive the best service and advice from Charles for your Porsche maintenance!

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Normand Cassidy

Normand Cassidy | Service Advisor

Normand has been Service Advisor at Porsche Lauzon since 2003. He has always worked in the automotive field  since 1975. Having moved to other departments including sales and body, he is able to properly take care of customer needs that expect to have a personalized service.

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Antonio Mauricio

Antonio Mauricio | Service Advisor

Antonio has lived until the age of ten years old in Europe and has been exposed to many different models of European sports cars considered nowadays as classic sports cars. Among all of them, Antonio has been impressed the most by the Porsche 911 with its muscular body lines and its amazingly capable engine and suspension. For him, the 911 has been the performance benchmark that many sports cars manufacturers have tried to outperform for decades, often unsuccessfully. Antonio fulfilled his dream six years ago when he got the opportunity to work with the Porsche brand and the Lauzon Group. With many years of experience in the automotive industry, he will offer you the best service and advice for your Porsche!

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Carlo Puccio

Carlo Puccio | Service Advisor

Carlo started in the automotive field in 1997 in the cosmetic and body departments. He joined the Audi Lauzon team in 2003 as a technician in cosmetic to finally become team leader. In 2005 he started at Porsche Lauzon as a team leader and since 2011, he has been in charge of quality control. With all the experience and love for the Porsche product, Carlo makes sure to provide quality service each and every time to all customers from Porsche Lauzon.

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Benoit Gagné

Benoit Gagné | Warrant Administrator

Benoit has been Warrant Administrator at Porsche Lauzon since May 2011. Being a big fan of Porsche, Benoit began his career in the auto service department in 2003 and became Director of Guarantees in 2005. His attention to every detail and his advocacy capacity for the customer helps the Porsche Lauzon team to ensure the best customer service.

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Alexandre Leroux

Alexandre Leroux | Workshop Manager

Porsche enthusiast, Alexandre began his career as a mechanic in 1998. He started with the Lauzon Group in the Volkswagen division in 2000 and has been a member of the Porsche team since 2007. He held the position of chief engineer until 2010 when he became workshop controller. Alexandre is also chief engineer in events such as Porsche Camp4.

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Hugo Carrière

Hugo Carrière | Parts Manager

With experience in auto parts since 1993 , Hugo began with the Lauzon Group in 2000 and became parts manager at Porsche Lauzon in March 2010. His purpose is always to advise and serve customers effectively and professionally. Hugo knows how to give an outstanding service that always brings total satisfaction to customers.

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Michel Clement

Michel Clement | Parts Specialist

He began his career as a parts specialist in 1990 at Lauzon in Blainville. At that time, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche were under the same roof. Once Audi and Porsche moved in their new buildings in Laval, he followed Audi and has spent ever since the biggest part of his career working for Audi.

For several years now, he has been lending his great expertise to Porsche Lauzon. Even if Porsche vehicles have changed over the years since 1990, his way of serving his clients hasn’t: he still try to give the best service possible to the Porsche Lauzon clientele!

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Laura  Pépin-Giard

Laura Pépin-Giard | Receptionnist

When she was a kid, Laura’s father knew how to transmit his passion for cars to his daughter. He was a Porsche enthusiast. For her, the Montreal Auto Show has become a tradition ever since. Laura has been working in the sports sector for a few years when she applied at the Lauzon Group that was looking for a very committed person for certain responsibilities. She knew that it was the chance of a lifetime. For Laura, working for Porsche was a child’s dream. She has been working proudly for the Lauzon Group for almost a year now, and feels privileged to be surrounded by products as amazing as the ones from Porsche. Laura will put all her passion to work to make you live the Lauzon experience at its best! 

Phone: 450.688.1144 • Email:

Justine Bouchard

Justine Bouchard | Receptionist

Justine has spent a few years in the banking sector, where she gained a tremendous experience in customer service, before deciding to change careers. Then she got the opportunity to work for the Lauzon Group, a family owned business that offers one-of-a-kind and personalized service.

It is at the same moment that she discovered her deep passion for the automotive industry, especially for the Porsche brand. She considers working for the Zuffenhausen sports car manufacturer as a privilege, as well as being a member of such a close-knit team.

Justine will be glad to welcome you and make each and every visit a pleasant one!

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Victor  Bovet

Victor Bovet | Product and Delivery Specialist

After spending five years in the restaurant business, Victor decided to change careers and tried his chance in the automotive sector. Ever since he was a young child, He has had a deep passion for Porsche, and thus has chosen to become a Specialist for the German car manufacturer with the goal to pass along all his knowledge to each and every new Porsche Lauzon customer. Victor is also proud to be part of the Lauzon Group, and will do all he can to offer you an outstanding customer service and the very best of the Lauzon Experience!

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Patrick Dussault

Patrick Dussault | GT3 Cup Lauzon Autosport Pilot

Patrick, is a very talented 25-year-old pilot coming from Lorraine. He has been racing in single-seater series, before winning the Bertrand-Faby Trophy in 2015, and have an impressive 2016 season in the Nascar Pinty’s series.

For 2017, Patrick is very proud to join Porsche Lauzon and their Lauzon Autosport team for the whole 2017 season of the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada. He will fulfill the dream of many while driving his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on the track.

So come and encourage Patrick Dussault and Lauzon Autosport during the whole 2017 season of the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada!